Membership Types

The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch offers three classifications of refundable Memberships for both residents of Cordillera as well as those living outside the gates:


Privileges in all seven clubs - Golf, Tennis & Swim, Spa & Athletic, Social, Equestrian, Rod & Gun and River Clubs.


Privileges in all seven clubs with restricted access to golf - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday all day and Friday before noon.


Privileges in all clubs with the exception of Golf.

Each of the above classifications of refundable Membership will also be designated with specific refund rights (either Master, Conditional or Non-Recallable) depending on whether you own specific property within Cordillera that qualifies for a Master Membership with future property transfer rights. Otherwise, either the Conditional or Non-Recallable refundable membership will apply. Pricing and refundable membership information available upon request.

Please contact Debbie Pepper, Director of Membership at (830) 336-3544 or complete the information request form below:


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